Heaven in a Waffle Bowl - Lake Street Creamery

Wow it really has been 1 month since I last blogged! And before that I had only blogged once in August! What a bad blogger I am. If you are still out there and you are still reading Let Me Eat Cake, well thanks! Running SoCal's FIRST Filipino food truck with my blogging pal BurntLumpia has been no easy feat. We spend tireless hours prepping, planning, booking and working on the truck. It gets hot in there, it is tiring and to tell you the truth sometimes I want to cry. But at the end of the day I try to remember that I started my very own small business. I try to remember a smiling happy face of a customer that enjoyed our food. And I try to remember that this adventure is challenging and exciting not matter how hard it gets sometimes.

With that said, I do spend all my time on the truck and rarely have any time to go out to eat or bake anymore, but I DO now have the luxury of trying so many of LA's delicious gourmet food trucks whenever they park near by. And so I bring you Lake St. Creamery which is by far some of THE best ice cream I have had in a long time. In fact they have officially resuscitated my once dying love of ice cream. Truly, this ice cream is the stuff dreams are made of! Don't believe me? Go find them on the streets and see for yourself.

Lake Street Creamery is run by the gracious and sweet Beth and Tim. I'm telling you, you've never met nicer people. The truck is a beautiful and stylish azure with a charming old timey feel.

I want to have a favorite flavor after sampling all of their offerings, but I can't say that I do. Their ingredients are carefully chosen and paired harmoniously.

The cake donut really tastes like biting into a cake donut but somehow in cold, smooth ice cream form.

The pancake breakfast tastes like a forkful of fluffy buttermilk pancakes dripping in maple syrup with a side of hot crispy bacon and a cup of strong dark roasted coffee!

The California zephyr is fresh and bright with meyer lemon and mint.

The Aztec sacrifice is luxuriously chocolatey with undertones of spice that sneak up on your.

The Holiday chocolate is winter in a cup. Silky sweet like a cup of hot chocolate with delicate notes of nutmeg and ginger dancing around.

Their elaborate inventions even included a creation for the season premier of Mad Men - the Don Draper. Vanilla, bourbon, caramel and smoke (yes smoke!) this sweet treat is boozy and rich. This flavor is spot on, if Don Draper were an ice cream he would definitely be boozy and rich wrapped up in an addictive charming sweetness!

Lake Street Creamery doles out creative confections. From their cake donut to their california zephyr the flavors will wow you. As each cold spoonful traverses your tongue, you will wonder why you ever ate any other ice cream before.


  1. Something that gets you out of blogging hiatus must be good!

  2. My goodness, I'd like to try all those flavors!

  3. I guess a trip to LA just for the sake of trying that cake donut or the pancake ice cream would be silly, right? I need to talk myself out of it! But those sound SO good!

  4. It's torture reading this at work because now all I can think about is the cake donut ice cream!

    P.S. Welcome back to blogging! :)

  5. I recently started following Lake Street Creamery on Twitter after hearing raves about their donut ice cream. I'm dying to try, but they haven't been nearby me yet!

    I'm sorry to hear that it has been so stressful for you at the truck, but I am really so proud of all you've accomplished in such a short amount of time. It's truly admirable and inspiring.

  6. We'll never be able to keep up with all these trucks! There's a new one everyday, and it's great you brought this one up. Gotta make it for ice cream after some filipino food. :)

  7. Those flavours sound absolutely delicious! I'm in LA next Feb and hopefully it won't be too cold for ice cream then :)

  8. well, now I regret not trying them out in the relatively cold screening @ Barnsdall Park!


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