If You Don't Know, Now You Know!

Have you heard the news!? Of course you have I can't stop talking about it. But here it is again and I couldn't have put it better myself! Straight from my partner Marvin Gapultos' (aka BurntLumpia) blog! http://burntlumpia.typepad.com/burnt_lumpia/2010/06/heres-the-filipino-food.html

We are both so excited to have embarked on this amazing adventure! Together we are bringing Filipino food to the masses of Los Angeles with LA's FIRST Filipino food truck! I hope I see you all out there on the road and please please help us get the word out! Tell all of you friends and follow us on Twitter @manilamachine! Find our weekly schedule on our website www.themanilamachine.com!

Our launch June 10th Downtown LA Artwalk...

people were lined up before we even opened...

and the line continued for three and a half hours until we sold out of everthing on the truck!
First night on the road check! Success check!

the next week we were invited as a special guest addition to the
Americana at Brand Streat Feast!

again never ending line! The excitement is awesome and we are so glad to be bringing Filipino food to the masses!

We are on the road now and the fun never stops! Hope to see you out there!


Eat My Ube Cupcake

It is that time again folks, a time to over indulge in some sweets while giving back to your community. It is time for Eat My Blog, a charity bakesale hosted by fellow Angelino bloggers Cathy Dahn of Gastronomy Blog and Diana Hossfeld of Diana Takes a Bite. All proceeds from the bakesale go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. The innagural Eat My Blog bakesale was held last winter and was a huge success. Eat My Blog gathers food bloggers, restaurant owners, chefs, bakers and the like to contribute sweet goodness to raise money to help fight hunger. Last year I contributed Let Me Eat Cake oatmeal sandwich cookies. They were a hit and I had a blast being part of this amazing event.

For this year's second annual Eat My Blog charity bakesale I will be donating ube cupcakes with a coconut buttercream frosting from The Manila Machine (LA's first and only Filipino food truck- my food truck!). We are excited to contribute and hope that you all come down and share in the fun. It is going to be a sweet time for a good cause. Come enjoy a plethora of confections and meet some bloggers. I will be working 10am-1pm so make sure to say hi!

Now you can drool over this preview of the cupcakes I will be bringing...

You can find the Manila Machine ube cupcake recipe here, but why bake them visit us on the truck and you can enjoy theses plus many many more delicious Filipino eats!


The Manila Machine Hits the Streets!

photo courtesy of Cathy Dahn www.gastronomyblog.com

I have been absent from the blog lately, but for good reason … I am now co-owner of LA’s first and only Filipino gourmet food truck, the Manila Machine! It has been so exciting and crazy the past few weeks. The Manila Machine officially launched last Thursday June 10th at the Downtown LA Artwalk. The response was overwhelming. We got a great spot right on the corner of 5 th and Main and before we finished parking we had a line of people. Three and a half hours later we sold out of everything on the truck. What a night! Tomorrow we will be at the Americana at Brand for Street Feast, which is sure to be a huge event. I’ve been rolling lumpia, baking leche flan and buying up the city’s ube! So come share in the fun and try some tasty Filipino home cooking off a truck! Follow us on twitter @manilamachine to find where the truck is rolling each day. Hope to see some familiar faces out there!

photo courtesy of liezl estipona

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