A Dosa or Two...

What is a dosa? A dosa is a South Indian crepe made from rice and lentils. It is typically filled with South Indian ingredients and served rolled almost like a burrito. In a city as ethnically diverse as Los Angeles, I was surprised to find myself unfamiliar with dosas. With an unyielding need to eat everything, my stomach and I were on a mission to find the Dosa Truck.

Dosa truck is owned and operated by Brooklyn born Leena Deneroff. While the menu focuses on dosas the truck also offers Masala fries, salads, and samosas. All dosas are priced at $6 each, a bit steep for food from a truck.

On my visit one dosa was not enough. Several dosas later I was full and happy.

The Mumbai Madness (Masala) dosa is filled with smashed curried Indian potatoes. The potatoes were tucked into the lean rolled crepe and it remained surprisingly crunchy top to bottom. The flavors were mild and creamy. With hints of fennel seeds sprinkled throughout, this dosa was crisp and light.

Sita’s Surprise is a dosa filled with sweet potato masala. This dosa was sweet and rich with a delightful buttery aftertaste. The rice lentil crepe was crispy yet soft and snugly sandwiched the potatoes. This was my favorite dosa.

The Shiva Shakti is a dosa comprised of 1/2 sweet potato and ½ malsala dosa. From end to end the flavors transitioned smoothly.

The Goa Goodness is a dosa filled with spinach, mushroom, and cheese. It was ooey-gooey good. The fresh spinach wilted slightly under the melted cheese with thick meaty slices of mushroom, the rice lentil crepe lending a subtle sweetness to the flavors.

Brahma’s Boon is a dosa filled with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and cheese. My least favorite of the dosas it was somehow too juicy and required the assistance of multiple napkins. The onions overpowered all other flavors and it felt uninspired. I could not find the South Indian influence in this dosa.

Dosas make a great lunch. They are crispy, light, quick and satisfying. On my next visit I will be sure to order the Slumdog rubbed with pesto and filled with paneer, spinach and masala potatoes, but for $6 a pop I will try to restrain myself to just one dosa.


  1. I Love Dosa! I wish I had this kind of truck coming close to my house! Also, I am curious about Munbai fries. What is it? It sounds good!

  2. this is so cool my hubby is South Indian he would love this and they are had to make at home easier in the summer for fermentation!


  3. So that's what a Dosa is! I was a little confused - thanks for clarifying! :) Now I need to get my hands one one! (or five)

  4. I've never had a dosa, I better find one to try and soon:)

  5. Mausi- Mumbai fries are crispy fries with an Indian spice seasoning, too full to get them but I plan to order them next time!

    Rebecca- I bet your husband makes some delicious south indian treats at home, how lucky you are!

    Diana- I was too, so glad i know now. And dosas seem right up your alley =)

    Bianca- your truck list is growing by the day =)

    Maria- Definitely look out for one, they are such a treat.

  6. Looks like Dosa Truck has expanded its menu quite a bit since my visit last summer. I liked Dosa Truck, but did not love. Sounds like you sorta kinda felt the same way.

  7. There's officially a truck for everything!

  8. I've never had a Dosa, but they look delicious! I want some of the carmalized onion, mushroom and cheese, looks so yummy!

  9. I am salivating over the Brahmas Boon.. i love indian food but that thing just looks tasty!

  10. I'd never heard of a dosa, it looks delicious!

  11. Grrr, I always miss the food trucks!! The dosa truck sounds really good though, especially the not yet tried Slumdog

  12. I haven't heard of that truck. Sounds pretty tasty!

  13. Do you think that Dosa truck would come to New Hampshire? Looks mighty good - and reminds me to read up on Indian.


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