A Neighborhood Gem: Four Cafe, Eagle Rock

It is such a good feeling to have that one reliable place that you can go to for dinner when you have had a long day and don’t feel like cooking. A place that is comfortable and inviting with food that makes you want to come back again the next day. Four Café is just that place. Open a mere six days along a stretch of Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock that is quickly becoming a culinary mecca, Four offers soul satisfying food, ethereal desserts, and impeccably friendly service.

fresh english pea cup 4 bowl 6

shallots, spring potato topped with chive oil, (vegan)

This is Spring in a bowl. Verdant flavors that continue to develop and expand with each bite. It is evident that a scrumptious attention to the detail is given to each ingredient in this soup.

grilled flank steak 7.95 half 12.5 full

napa cabbage, arugula, avocado, and tomato with an

apple-shallot soy vinaigrette

I do not often order a salad for dinner, but this was not your average salad. Spicy arugula, creamy avocado, crunchy cabbage and thick and chewy pieces of flank steak grilled to a nice pink with a vinaigrette that married all of the flavors together beautifully. I devoured the salad and was left satisfied and pleased.

oven roasted tomato panini 8.95

tuscan kale,tomato, and burrata

A crunchy and flaky ciabatta is home to decadent burrata melting to perfection with juicy sweet roasted tomatoes balanced with bitter kale. Each bite leaves you eager for more.

meyer lemon yogurt cake 3

I lifted the delicately placed glass cake cover to get a good picture of these cute meyer lemon yogurt cakes snuggly leaning against each other on the stand. What lay beneath was fantastically aromatic. Had I not already decided to order one, the tempting smell would have sold me. The meyer lemon yogurt cake was spongy while at the same time dense. At first the cake is milky with a slight tang from the yogurt, then a bright lemong flavor builds and lingers on your tongue. It is memorable.

blood orange upside down cake 3

Caramelized oranges, cinnamon biscuit

This cake will change your life. I’m not the biggest champion of blood oranges. In fact I think they look better than they taste, but this blood orange upside down cake has changed my perspective forever. The cake is crumbly and sweet with nuances of vanilla and cinnamon. The blood oranges provide a refreshing zesty punch to the sweetness of the cake. Near the end of the cake I’m floored - the caramelized oranges have bled into the outer crust of the cake leaving the finally bites gooey, rich, and sweet. I smile and sigh; now that was one damn fine piece of cake!

After my first dining experience I knew that this would be a weekly habit. With affordable prices for stellar food there isn’t any reason not to frequent Four Café. What seems like a typical seasonal menu is truly anything but. From the minimal wood decor to the housemade sodas to the sandwiches, it is clear that there is a mechanical precision taken in choosing every detail. The flavors in all of the dishes evolve into something even more magical as the meal goes on. The personal touch to the service from the husband and wife team that operate Four is the cherry on top of an already amazing dining experience. With affordable prices for great seasonal food, there isn't any reason not to frequent Four Cafe.


2122 1/2 Colorado Blvd

Eagle Rock CA 90041




  1. Thank you for sharing your well-written and interesting post. I love your blog title...so creative! Wonderful photography too. The photos jump off the page. Cheers!

  2. Yum!! This place looks fantastic and I love the seasonal goodies. Next time I'm in the rock...

  3. Hi Let Me Eat Cake,

    The Blood Orange Upside Down Cake looks amazing and from your description, I can't wait to try it. Thanks for the rec. :)

  4. What an awesome place! i will have to give it a try those meyer lemon cakes look gooood!

  5. I've heard great things about this place from my friends in Eagle Rock. I must swing by for a slice of blood orange cake before it goes out of season. Meet you there?

  6. I live in the area. Thanks for the heads up. I am always looking for a new place to eat in da hood.

  7. What a cool place! I haven't heard of it before, so thanks so much for sharing! That soup looks gorgeous, and I could definitely go for a slice of that blood orange cake... maybe I might have to meet both you and Cathy there! ;)

  8. Cathy & Diana- It is a date! When shall we meet? :)

  9. Everything sounds soo good! May have to try making that panini on my own!!

  10. All of those sweets look good. Each and every one!

  11. Ooh, looks like I'll have to try it out for lunch soon! Must. Have. Yogurt. Lemon. Cake.

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