Worth Every Penny

Sometimes there is nothing more soul satisfying than a well-seasoned patty of beef and a slice of flavorful cheese on a soft toasted bun. Throw in a heaping helping of crisp tender fries and all of my troubles melt away.

When Diana of DianaTakesABite told me that she had never had a cheeseburger before, I knew I had to be present for the momentous occasion when she enjoyed her first cheesy, meaty bite. After much debate on Twitter over where to get the best cheeseburger in Los Angeles, Diana settled on Rustic Canyon for her cheeseburger and me as her dinner date.

Rustic Canyon is an upscale restaurant and wine bar that offers an extensive menu of contemporary, market-driven comfort foods. The menu ranges from Butternut Squash soup, Crispy Polenta, Parpardelle to Roasted Jidori Chicken. A cheeseburger would hardly seem like the thing to order at a restaurant like Rustic Canyon, but the burger is definitely part of the attraction and does not fall in the shadows of the restaurant’s other dishes.

Rustic Canyon serves a Niman Ranch burger with sharp cheddar, onion fondue, bread and butter pickles and an herb remoulade on a Rockewagner brioche bun ($16). Each strata of this cheeseburger is well thought out and inspired from the beef to the bun to the pickles.

The ratio of ingredients is ideal. The thick juicy patty is coated with the right amount of sharp melted cheddar cheese. A resonant onion fondue sits atop the melted cheese. A nice slather of herb remoulade brings all the flavors together. The slightly sweet brioche bun is tender and firm and cradles all of the components. With each bite the bright and spicy notes of the arugula stand out. The cheeseburger is unfailingly juicy.

Rustic Canyon demonstrates how with the right ingredients even the most ordinary dish can be transformed. This may be one of the more expensive burgers in Los Angeles, but it is worth every penny.

Rustic Canyon

1119 Wilshire Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90401



  1. Such a great night! Best burger EVER! I'm so so glad that I got to lose my cheeseburger virginity with you, and so glad I picked Rustic Canyon! Thanks again for making the experience so enjoyable! :)

  2. I must try this burger!! It sounds incred!

  3. I need to get my butt down to Santa Monica so I can try Rustic Canyon out. It looks delicious!

  4. Rustic Canyon's cheeseburger is great. Have you had the version at Comme Ca? It's at least as good.

  5. Wow really best burger? I love Father's Office and Golden State, but I've never thought to go to Rustic Canyon for a burger too fancy shmancy. Your description of their burger made me drool! Might just give it a try.


  6. Diana- Thanks again! It was such a good time!

    Cathy- Def go, so good!

    Amanda- You should definitely dine at Rustic Canyon. Even if you don't order the burger everything else looked seasonal and delicious.

    Josh- I haven't tried Comme Ca yet, but I know I need to asap! I will report back.

  7. N-n-n-n-never had a cheeeeeseburger?! Whaaaat?! That looks amazing!

  8. Yum! I want these burgers right now. At first when I saw the price I thought that was a little too much for just a burger, but your description sold me!

  9. People list off all the great places to grab a burger here. Maybe it's time to do taste test?

  10. always looking for a good burger - i don't mind paying a lot if it's delicious!

  11. Yes, I blame you for my burger craving. This looks delicious! And looks like you gals had a great time!

  12. Just had the Tavern Burger so I'll try to get over to Rustic in the next few weeks to give it a shot.

    Diana looks positively overjoyed with her burger selection

  13. From the looks of it, it might be the best burger in LA! I wish I still lived in LA because I would be all over that burger!

  14. I have been wanting to take the trip up there to rustic canyon! I LOVE huckleberry across the street and am dying to try this, thanks for the review!

  15. I do like Rustic Canyon, however Umami's cheeseburger takes the prize (along with Apple Pan)!


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