Cupcake Coma

While I have long heard of the fabled cupcake coma - a woozy exhaustion that is provoked by over indulgence in sugary sweet delight - I never believed it to be true. I love cupcakes, and I especially love the sweet sugary rush one gets from each soft bite. How could a cute dainty cake put one into a saccharine induced swoon? After four bakeshops and four large cupcakes lathered with heaping mounds of frosting, the cupcake coma came over me.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by the lovely TaraMetBlog to the Chevy-sponsored Best of Cupcakes Los Angeles Tour. Our small group of eager cupcake enthusiasts was chauffeured by Chevy around LA to the city’s finest cupcakeries. It was a cupcake throwdown.

First stop: Crumbs Bakeshop in Beverly Hills. Of the unbelievably large and imaginative cupcake flavor selection, I chose the Pistachio cupcake. The cake was moist and spongy with the perfect amount of frosting. The frosting was just sweet enough and coated with chopped pistachios. I am not a frosting fan and I generally avoid the stuff but I ate this cupcake in its entirety.

For bakeshop number two we walked down the street to the well-known Sprinkles. Here I tried the classic Red Velvet. I thought the cake was firm yet moist, but the frosting was thick and overly sweet. As far as frosting goes, these are the reasons I avoid it.

Destination three was SusieCakes in Brentwood. SusieCakes is known for its Strawberry cupcake, which Martha Stewart gushes over. I had to try the Strawberry, but I also could not pass up their seasonal Gingerbread cupcake. By now I was starting to understand the causes of the cupcake coma.

The Strawberry cupcake was amazing. The cake was flavorful, but the strawberry frosting was mind altering. In the most complementary way, it tasted like a cake version of a pink starburst.

The Gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting took the cake! It perfectly captured the season. With spicy and warm flavors slathered with a silky rich frosting, it was my favorite by far of the cupcake tour.

Last stop was Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica. At this point I was quickly fading into sugary heaven and I needed something to captivate me. Vanilla Bakeshop did not meet the challenge. I gave the cupcakes a cursory glance and was quickly taken by the beautiful Key Lime Cupcake. Unfortunately it was cold, dry, and tasted like a refrigerator. It didn’t help that the staff (especially the manager) were rude and unwelcoming. With the exception of our last stop, this was one tasty tour.

By the end of the cupcake tour I was gorged on sweets and ready for a nap.





  1. I'm so jealous! I bet that was a blast! Next time I'm in the area (I live 30 minutes from LA) I am totally hitting up some of those cupcake shops!

  2. Way way way too much fun, Nastassia!

    I wish Susie Cakes weren't so out of the way. I'd be there in a heartbeat.

  3. This looks like a lot of fun!! I'll have to venture out on my own! I've already tried Sprinkles & Crumbs. Gotta try the others now!

  4. Thanks for coming and nice to finally meet you! good times

  5. FUN! Good thing someone else was driving. That's a sugar high and low waiting to happen.

  6. FUN! Sounds like my kind of tour! Oh Susie Cakes, can I just say that during my last year of law school I lived around the corner from Susie Cakes.....SO DANGEROUS!!!!!!!

  7. I would have passed out after the first one. I am super impressed that you did this, minus some of the lame store managers.

  8. Amanda- you are a hop skip and a jump away you definitely need to try these bakeshops!

    Cathy- maybe we can convince susiecakes to open a location on the eastside...or maybe we shouldn't =)

    Biana- You NEED to try Crumbs, once you do it will have you going back for more and more!

  9. oh wow this looks like so much fun!!!

  10. I bet this was way too much sugary fun! Wish I could have been there...

  11. How did I miss this?!?! So jealous! Need to try that seasonal gingerbread cupcake before its gone! Maybe tomorrow. :)

  12. what a great idea to add pistachio nuts to frosting! cuts down on sweetness.

  13. Cupcake tour!!! I wish I had been invited.

  14. Wow, line up 20 tequilas in front of me, done......easy, but this is nuts. You are insane!!

    I'm a cupcake fiend though, and thanks to your brave effort I shall get around to some of these very soon.I think I'm feeling those Susie Cakes.


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