Rock-Not-So-Well VT

I never blog about places I don't like... until now. I was attracted to Rockwell VT when first reading a brief write-up about in the LA Times. Rockwell VT is a new neighborhood spot and everything about it was alluring - I can walk there, and they have interesting specialty cocktails, a gorgeous outdoor setting, and food. I was so excited to try the Rockwell I was ready to fall in love.

My first cocktail was The Autumn. Not so much. More like a tropical summer. Overly sweet raspberry "puree", basil and lime. Palatable, but nothing special.

The Gemini - I'm not a fan of infused liqour and here was a perfect example of why: the mandarin blossom infused vodka used for this cocktail dominated the entire flavor composition of this drink. I could taste orange and nothing else.

The Addison was my favorite of the cocktails because it was the one that was not overly sweet. Gin, cucumbers, dill and lemon - I enjoyed it.

My friend spotted this can of Kern's behind the bar! For such a nice place, touting a cocktail list like they do, you would think they would use fresh ingredients. Disappointing. One would also think $13 would get you a drink in a glass. Not so - Rockwell serves all of their overpriced drinks in plastic cups.

The menu sounded great - or so I thought. We ordered their flatbread, which was actually a pizza. It was basic and uninteresting. We also ordered the Kobe sliders with a blue cheese fondue. The brioche bun was delicate, the meat dry, and it was generally unimpressive, especially for the price.

I want to love you Rockwell, I do, but you didn't live up to the hype. To be fair, this is a new bar. There are many kinks to work out like inadequate seating and flighty service. Hopefully, the next time I visit there will be improvements to it all.


  1. I guess I should be glad I never made it! Since I like old standard cocktails like martini, old fashioned, and manhattan, this does not sound like the place for me either!


  2. It seems a nice place to visit, the Addison cocktail sound an interesting option in my next drink adventures :)



  3. Those mini slider burgers are pretty popular these days. You'll see them everywhere, not just in fast food joints but also at upscale lounges and stuff. Looks tasty.


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