Holy Grace!

Doughnut tasting night at Grace... Yes, I said doughnut tasting. Three delicious courses all consisting of donuts.  A total of five glorious fried carb confections in one sitting… holy Grace! 

R and I went to Grace on Saturday, a day after National Doughnut day but just as special. This was my first visit to Grace and what better way to experience this famed LA spot than through its desserts. There is a wine pairing option with the doughnuts, but we opted for coffee instead - keeping it traditional with the ol’ coffee and doughnuts pair.

Course 1: Salted Caramel Doughnuts with Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream


After the first bite of this gooey salty sweet treat I had to pause. Or rather, I took a moment of silence. I was wide eyed, sugar crazed, and happy, just happy. It was heavenly. Caramel glazed over a hot doughy mouthful studded with salt crystals. Everything about this salty sweet confection was perfect. How could two more courses even compare?

Course 2: Pistachio Chocolate Buttermilk Doughnut with Marble Ice Cream and Dried Cherries


As I feared, Grace got a good start out of the pastry kitchen but quickly lost steam with course two.  The chocolate buttermilk doughnut was covered in sugar and oozed a pistachio filling. It sat atop chocolate ice cream and dried cherries. The doughnut itself was thick and moist but drowned in the overpowering pistachio filling. When I happened upon a dried cherry every few bites my mouth was confused. “What are you doing here cherry? You are not helping this situation. Where is that caramel doughnut? I want that one again! Valiant effort Mr. Pistachio Chocolate Buttermilk but you are not quite as good as your predecessor.”

Course 3: Buttermilk Brown Butter Glazed Doughnuts with Warm Rum Spiced Milk

Now the buttermilk brown butter was delicious, but the warm rum spiced milk? After a twirl with my spoon and a teensy taste on the tongue I did not proceed any further with the rum spiced milk. I didn’t know whether to drink it or dip it, but it’s slimy slick texture was so unappealing I didn’t want to do either. The buttermilk brown butter was like a traditional glazed doughnut with a hint of sophistication.  However, I think I only enjoyed it so much because of its resemblance to the salted caramel in course one.

Overall the tasting menu was good, especially with a strong and memorable first course: the salted caramel doughnut. I think I will dream about that doughnut, it was so divine.  In the end the doughnut tasting menu was a one trick pony but man, was that one good trick!


  1. OMG THAT LOOKS INCREDIBLE. Yet another reason I need to move to California...

  2. Salted Caramel Doughnuts...with coffee..delish...dinner and breakfast of champions!! only on Cali!!

  3. Pretty sure "on Cali" works too. I mean technically.

    Wow! I think I got a little fatter just reading that post. I'm thinking that the salted caramel is the way to go. Everything else seemed like it was trying way too hard.

    Great. Now I have to add you to the blogroll. Argh, more work for me.

  4. Hi Let Me Eat Cake,

    Thanks for the interesting report on a Doughnut Tasting(!). :) I'm surprised they didn't serve you their ultra-popular flavor called "The Elvis" Doughnut, featuring Banana, Peanut Butter, and *Candied Bacon*! Have you tried that flavor before in the past?

    If not, give it a try next time. It's absolutely delicious. :)


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